In order to provide privacy for our students on the playground, we are asking for help from our community businesses.  If you would like to purchase a sign to display on the playground fence, please see the information form under our Forms Section.  It is a great opportunity for you to advertise your business and help our children.  WE LOVE COMMUNITY SUPPORT!



We have been learning all about school rules this week.  We all read the story, How To Fill Your Bucket.  Each class now has a bucket to fill.  When students are caught being kind to others, respectful or following rules, they can earn a ticket or pom pom in their bucket for making good choices.  The class with the most pom poms at the end of the week will be announced as our Top Banana Winner!

Please review the rules with your child.  We want to encourage all of our children to be "bucket fillers" as we all learn to be Proud, Kind and Safe at PKS!




On Thrusday, August 25th, we will begin our Yankee Candle Fundraiser.  Money raised will be used to purchase needed technology and buy tables and trash cans to provide snack and recess areas for students.  We can definitely use your help. Our goal is $12,000.00.  This fundraiser will end on September 16th. Together we can do it! 

*Price per table:  Approximately $771.00.





CONGRATULATIONS TO MRS. SCHANNEP'S CLASS! On Friday, August 26th, this class one the Top Banana Award for receiving the most...

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