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About the PKS Cafeteria


PKS CNP MANAGER:  Mrs. Artennia Pitner

PKS CNP STAFF:  Mrs. Margaret Tackett, 

Mrs. Phyllis Davis & Mrs. Crystal Sheridan

Lunch and breakfast are served daily in our cafeteria. The meals are prepared in accordance with state and federal nutritional guidelines. Menus are distributed at the beginning of each month. Lunch is $2.25 per day and breakfast is $1.25. Each child will be assigned a lunch number. Meals may be paid for on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. When the monies are depleted, a notice will be sent home. Free and Reduced applications can be obtained from the front office.  Parents may opt to send lunch from home. After the first few weeks of school, parents are welcome to eat lunch with their children. The lunch price for adults is $3.25.

(Lunch & Breakfast Prices are subject to change each school year.)