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October Project Based Learning: Down on the Farm
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Monday, January 30, 2017
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     During the month of October, the entire school learned about the farm.  Every learning community chose a different aspect of the farm to research.  Classes developed essential questions to lead research and learning.  During this month, we incorporated all of our subject areas to make our study meaningful.  We used writing, reading, math, science, social studies.  We used technology, art, music, literature and physical education to enhance our learning.  The community showed great support as they brought many learning opportunities to our school to make learning "real" for our students.  Thank you to Darrue Sharpe, Autauga County Extension Coordinator, for all of her efforts in bringing great learning opportunities to PKS.  Mr. Clint Smith brought tractors for students to see and touch.  They were able to learn about different types of tractors and their use on the farm.  Thank you to Mr. Trent McFarland and family for bringing their Horse Presentation to our school.  The students were absolutely mesmerized by the show and learning about the horses and mules.  Character education was another great point of this show.  Thank you to Jeff & Susan James and family.  They brought their show calves Gino and Harper to help teach children about cows.  It was a lot of fun and gave students the opportunity to not just learn about the farm in books but experience many aspects of farm life.  THANK YOU FOR OUR AWESOME COMMUNITY SUPPORT!

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