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Truancy Policy Information
Posted On:
Monday, September 15, 2014





Dear Parents,

It is our goal at PKS to provide quality instruction to your student daily in order to ensure that your child is successful in all academic areas. In order to do so, it is important that your child be in school and on time each day. In order to ensure student success, there are State and County Policies for student attendance. Alabama State Law 16-28-3, Code of Alabama, 1975 requires all children between the ages of six and seventeen to attend school regularly. State law states that each child who enrolls in a public school, whether or not the child is required by law to enroll, is subject to school attendance and truancy laws of the state. Parents or guardians having control over school age children are responsible for their children’s regular attendance and proper conduct. Failure to comply with the Compulsory School Attendance Law requires the Attendance Office to file a complaint with the Autauga County Court System.



·         Any time a student is absent, the parent or guardian must send a written note within 3 days of the absence. Excused absences include: illness, death in the immediate family, legal quarantine, emergency conditions as determined by the principal, inclement weather which would be dangerous for the health of the child as determined by principal, and prior permission of the principal with written consent by parent or guardian.

·         Written excuses from parents/guardians will excuse absences for up to 10 absences. If a student has 10 absences, all other absences must have a written excuse from a medical doctor or court official. *Any absences over 10, will be unexcused without a doctor’s or court official’s written excuse.



·         First unexcused absence – Warning letter

·         Fifth unexcused absence – Mandatory Conference

·         Seventh unexcused absence – Constitutes a student being truant for the purpose of filing a petition in court.

It is important that your child be in school and on time each and every day. Instruction begins promptly at 8:00. If you have any questions about attendance, please feel free to talk to your child’s teacher or call us at 334-361-3890. We appreciate your commitment to your child’s education!

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