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Prattville Kindergarten Continuous Improvement Plan
Posted On:
Friday, October 06, 2017

Each year, we make a plan for Continuous Improvement.  We strive to continue to improve all aspects of our school to increase student achievement.  This year, after reviewing student achievement data and input from our parents, teachers, students and community, we identified five areas for improvement.  We have developed goals and strategies to address each area.  Please find a shortened version of our Plan below.  As always, we value your input in improving our school and education for all of our students.





OUR VISION: Learning Today…Leading Tomorrow

OUR MISSION:   The mission of Prattville Kindergarten School is to provide a safe learning environment and an excellent academic foundation that includes a variety of developmentally appropriate and challenging experiences designed to encompass all aspects of student growth.





1.       Improve Reading   Fluency Skills:

Measured   by: 80% Proficient (E/S) in Recognition of Letter,   Sound, High Frequency Words and Reading CVC Words

·           DIBELS Next

·           Report Card

·           Whole Words Read   Assessment

1.       Daily Explicit Instruction

2.       Literacy Centers

3.       Parent Education

4.       Project Based Learning

5.       Effective Intervention


1.       Walk-Throughs and Data Meetings

2.       Professional Development

3.       Parents as Partners/APT

4.       RtI

2.       Improve Math Fluency Goals:

Measured   by: 80 % (E/S) Proficient in Number   Recognition, Counting, Addition and Subtraction Skills

·           Report Card

1.       Daily Explicit Instruction

2.       Math Centers

3.       Parent Education

4.       Project Based Learning


1.       Walk-Throughs and Data Meetings

2.       Professional Development

3.       Professional Development

4.       Parent Meetings

5.       STEM

6.       Math Journals

3.       Students Will Gain Knowledge and Skills to Become Proficient Writers.

Measured   by: 80% Proficient or Established

·           Kindergarten   Writing Rubric


1.       Daily Explicit Instruction

2.       Project Based Learning

3.       Parent Engagement

1.       Professional Development

2.       Walk-Throughs and Data Meetings

3.       Classroom Writing Center

4.       Daily Writing Journals

5.       PBL Open House

6.       Parents as Partners



4.       Increase Parent and Community Engagement.

Measured   by: Collaborate to eliminate barriers   to parent engagement by providing opportunities for parents to serve who   cannot attend traditional school functions.

·           Sign-In Sheets

·           Agendas

·           Flyers

1.         Parent Education

2.         Minimum of Two Parent Meetings

3.         Vary Time of Meetings


1.         Parents as Partners

2.         APT Meetings

3.         Parental Involvement   Events

4.         Open House

5.    Increase Teacher/Staff Collaboration and Team Morale  to Improve Student Achievement.

           Measured by: Collaborate to improve instruction,

             parental involvement and team   building strategies.

·           Sign-In Sheets

·           Agendas

·           Student Assessment   Data

1.       Times for Teacher Meetings to Gain Instructional Strategies,   Brainstorm and Plan for Parental Involvement, and Boost Team Building in   Student Achievement

1.       PLC Planning

2.       Committees

3.       Team Building

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