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Parenting Styles

What type of parenting style do you have?  Parenting is the hardest job you
will ever have, and at the same time, the MOST fulfilling and rewarding. 
Parenting is a learning process everyday.  Each parent and child is
different.  Some parenting styles reflect the style of our own parents. 
Other parenting styles may result from reading books and/or articles on
parenting techniques. No matter what your style, it influences the way a
child may react to the world in the present and/or future.

Authoritarian Parent

Authoritarian parents always try to be in control.  They set strict rules and
attempt to set strict standards of conduct.  This type of parenting tells
children what to do, makes them obey and usually does not provide children
with choices or options.  Authoritarian parents do not explain why they want
their child to do certain things.  This type of parenting usually focuses on
bad behavior rather than positive behavior.  Children who have strict
authoritarian parents may have trouble thinking for themselves and/or could
become rebellious.

Permissive Parent

Permissive parents give up most control to their child.  The child is given
many choices even if he or she is not capable of making good choices.  The
parent makes few rules, if any, and the rules are not consistently followed. 
Children do not have a set of clear boundaries or expectations.  Even if the
child misbehaves permissive parents tend to accept the child's behavior in a
warm and loving way.  These parents may feel unable to change misbehavior or
they may choose not to get involved.  Children who have permissive parents
often get confused, feel insecure and/or can make poor choices.

Assertive-Democratic Parent

Democratic parents help their child learn to be responsible and to think
about the consequences of their behavior.  This is done by creating clear
reasonable expectations for their child to behave in a certain manner.  The
child's behavior is monitored to make sure the child follows through on rules
and expectations.  The parent trys to "catch" the child behaving and
reinforces the good behavior rather than focusing only on the bad behavior. 
This parenting style can help children learn to accept responsibility, make
wiser choices and cope with change.  The parent guides, teaches, reinforces
and manages misbehavior with appropriate consequences.  These parents also
practice problem solving with the child to find an acceptable way to get
desires met.

Building a loving bond with your child is a must for any parenting style. 
Your parenting style may be somewhere in between authoritarian, permissive or
democratic styles.  Research on children's development indicates that the
most positive outcomes occur when parents use a more democratic style.

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