About The School  

Welcome to PKS!


School Hours
Our doors open at 7:15 and students are tardy after 7:55AM. Car Riders dismiss from 2:30 - 2:40.  Daycare and first bus bell ring at 2:40.  Remaining buses will dismiss at 2:55. Each morning, our school has a protected block for reading from 8:15 until 10:45. Visitors are not allowed in the classrooms during this time. Daily attendance is very important.  Thank you for helping us to teach our children the value and importance of education.  For more information about attendance, please see our Parent-Student Handbook, Autauga County Code or Conduct or the Truancy Information in our Announcements section.

The staff at Prattville Kindergarten strives daily to meet the needs of our students in all content areas, while meeting state and federal standards. We provide daily large and small group instruction and are committed to 100% literacy.

For math, science and social studies, we provide instruction through theme studies as well as meaningful and developmentally appropriate activities.

Our core programs are:
Open Court Reading
EnVision Math

Social Studies & Science

Physical Education is offered daily. Our children attend a scheduled library time. The library also has flex times in an effort to accommodate changing needs. Students have daily access to computers in the classroom.

Progress Monitoring
Progress is measured on several different levels. ALAKids, STAR Early Literacy, STAR Math and the Autuaga County Schools Report Card are all assessments used to monitor progress throughout the year.

A Little More About Reading
Students receive small group instruction on their reading level. Advanced students participate in the Accelerated Reader Program. Each morning, our school has a 2 hour protected block for reading from 8:15 until 10:45. Visitors are not allowed in the classrooms during this time.

Bus information can be obtained from the Transportation Department. Personnel from the Transportation Department will be available at Parent Orientation in the fall to answer questions. All students will be given a transportation tag that must be worn during the first few weeks of school. Please Note: Teachers must be notified in writing if there are any changes in transportation.

All students must ride to the address in which they are verified.  Approval for any changes can not be made at the school.  Request must go though the Transportation Department.

Lunch and breakfast are served daily in our cafeteria. The meals are prepared in accordance with state and federal nutritional guidelines. Menus are distributed at the beginning of each month. Lunch is $2.75 per day.  Each child will be assigned a lunch number. Meals may be paid for on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. When the monies are depleted, a notice will be sent home. Free and Reduced applications will be sent home at the beginning of the school year. Parents may opt to send lunch from home. After the first few weeks of school, parents are welcome to eat lunch with their children.

Snack and Juice
Monies for juice and snack must be sent in daily. At present, the drinks offered are apple, orange and water at a cost of $1.00 each. A variety of snacks are offered for $1.00  each. In accordance with state law our snacks are low sugar and low fat. It is very important that money for snack and juice be sent to the school in a marked, sealed envelope. Also, snack and juice may be sent from home. We sell Ice Cream on Fridays!

Health Issues
It is a requirement that each of our children have an up to date Alabama Immunization Form. Those moving from out of state may take their shot records to a local physician or the Autauga County Health Department in order to have their child's records transferred to an Alabama "blue" form.