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Hi! My name is Sadie Robbins and this is my 21st year at Prattville Kindergarten. I grew up in Prattville and graduated from Prattville High School. I love the fact that I teach in the same school system that I attended. I graduated from Troy University with a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education. I have been married for twenty years and we have two daughters and a cat. Amelia is sixteen and is in the eleventh grade. Lillian is twelve and is in the seventh grade.  Our girls keep us very busy with band, theater and swim team.  Since there are more girls in our house than boys, Mr. Robbins says all pets have to be boys.  :)  So we have a cat named Carrot.

I have always wanted to be a teacher and I take great pride and enjoyment in my job!

I know we are going to have a GREAT year!! 




VIP (Very Important Pineapple)

Each full week of school we will have a VIP of the Week.
The Week focuses on the uniqueness of each child and reinforces
positive feelings of self-worth.  Below are some special activities your
child will be involved in throughout their week.
Here are the details of being the VIP of the week.  .


 "All About Me" poster , estimation jar items & "All About Me" page
        **This poster can include some of their favorite things and pictures 
        Of them with their family and friends.  Please send items for our  
        Guessing jar (1-40 objects such as toy cars, erasers, hairbows, candy
        Etc.).  We will be guessing how many there are, so don't let your
        Child know how many!  Please fill out "All about Me" page.


 Favorite Book**Please send one of their favorite children's books.  We will have 
        fun reading their favorite book.


 Favorite Snack
        **Please send one of your child's favorite prepackaged snacks (enough to share with the entire class-15).  


Favorite Toy
        **Please send one of your child's favorite toys.  Your child
        will get to share one of their favorite toys (not to big).  Everyone
        will have a turn to ask questions about the toy, it’s a lot of fun! 


Class book
      Your child will get a class book we have made for them. 




Mrs. Robbins’ Class Schedule

7:30-8:00 Morning Work, Character Education, & Attendance
8:00-8:50 Large Group
Calendar, Shared Reading, & Writing
8:50-10:15 Reading Small Groups &  Daily Morning Center Rotations
10:15-10:45Reading Intervention
10:45-11:10Daily Math Lesson
Math Small Groups & Math Rotations
11:40-12:00 Math
12:00-12:40 PE
12:40-1:00Read, Rest, Write
1:00-1:50 Social Science/Health
1:50-2:10 Snack
2:10-2:46 Social Science Continued /Free Centers
2:46-3:06 Dismissal

Library/Music-Tuesday 9:40-10:20


Counseling- Once a Month 9:40-10:20


Wish List 

AAA Batteries
 Mini M&M's or Skittles
Ink for Printer HP 61
ziplock bags (snack, sandwich or gallon size)